Tilt Hydrometer

You can get live Tilt readings of a currently fermenting beer on your tap list if you have Tilt and Brewer’s Friend connected, or Tilt connected with Brewfather.

To get your Tilt readings to display on your tap list:

  1. Connect Brewer’s Friend and TapitgoodORConnect Brewfather and Tapitgood
  2. Import your recipes from whichever software above you have connected.
  3. Go to the ‘Tap List Setup‘ page
  4. Add your fermenting beer to the list
  5. Set it’s status to Fermenting
  6. Visit your tap list page to see the results

That’s it – each time you refresh the page, you will now see the live Tilt reading on your fermenting beer. You can also set an automatic refresh of your tap list page from within the Settings page.