Highly customizable beer tap lists

Digital Beer Tap List
Tapitgood is highly customizable allowing you to get your tap list looking any way you like, whilst also being easy to use and intuitive.

Upload your brewery logo, customise font colors, background colors, headings and more. Add a background image, choose from dozens of fonts, choose different layout templates or even add your own custom CSS.

You can really make your home brew tap list look any way you like! Check out some live beer tap list examples here.

Choose your beer glass

Beer Glasses on Digital Beer Menu
Choose from over 10 different types of beer glasses for the styles of beer that you are displaying on your digital tap list.

You could be drinking your stout from a traditional pint glass and drinking your pilsner from a pilsner glass. Simply select the glassware when adding a beer to your list and that glass will display on your list, as well as displaying the correctly colored beer.

Plaato Keg integration

You can connect your Plaato Kegs to Tapitgood which will then display the current temp of your beer as well as how much beer you have left in each of your kegs.

Plaato Kegs integrate seamlessly – simply add the Auth Token for your Keg (instructions here) when you are adding a new beer to your tap list and that’s it! You can now view real time data on your volumes and temperatures.

Sync with Brewfather

Easily connect your tap list with Brewfather and import your batches directly into Tapitgood. You can choose which batch statuses you would like to import and then with the click of one button, all your batches will be imported into Tapitgood and you can then select any batch to add to your tap list.

Sync with Brewer’s Friend

Easily connect your tap list with Brewer’s Friend and import your recipes directly into Tapitgood. With the click of one button, all your recipe’s will be imported into Tapitgood and you can then select any recipe to add to your tap list.

You can also get live Tilt data of a currently fermenting batch to display on your tap list! Simply import your recipes, add the currently fermenting beer to your list and set it’s status to ‘Fermenting’. If you have a Tilt connected to this recipe in Brewer’s Friend, it will pull in this live data.

Online beer tap list software

Tapitgood is ‘beer tap list software‘ for your home brewery. There is no need to install any software as Tapitgood is 100% web based tap list software. It is essentially a SaaS application (Software as a Service).

Being web based software, all of your tap list data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet and with a web browser. You can edit your tap list using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer from anywhere in the world.

Register for free to test out our tap list software, or check out some live beer tap list examples here.

RaspberryPints alternative

Tapitgood is a great alternative to RaspberryPints as it involves no messy and clunky installation or configuration steps. With Tapitgood, you simply register online and you are good to go. You can view Tapitgood on any screen with a web browser – you are not simply limited to a Raspberry Pi.

RaspberryPints requires you to setup and install databases, deal with installation bugs and ongoing software updates as well as learning command line commands. There could be any number of hardware conflicts and incompatibilities. Doing a Google search for ‘raspberrypints install’ brings up an endless list of installation problems. So if you want a simple, easy to use RaspberryPints alternative then look no further!