Brewfather integration allows you to easily import & sync your Completed Batches from Brewfather into TapitGood.

You will need to be a Premium member of Brewfather to be able to obtain an API Key.

Visit Brewfather to generate your API Key and to get your User Id

  1. Go to the Settings page in Brewfather
  2. Hit the Generate button to get your API Key & User Id
  3. Check the ‘Read Batches’ and ‘Read Recipes’ options and then generate key
  4. Copy/paste these and save them somewhere safe

Save your API Key & User Id

  1. Go to the Integrations page on TapitGood
  2. Paste in your API Key and User Id into the fields and hit the Update button
  3. A new button will appear to sync your batches – click this to begin syncing
  4. Your batches will now be imported and saved under My Beers
  5. Go to your List Setup page to add any of the new beers to your tap list